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Course: Abdominal ultrasound diagnostics in veterinary medicine 4-6 November 2018

Практический мастер-класс «Абдоминальная ультразвуковая диагностика в ветеринарии» 1,2,3 марта 2019

01.03.2019 (Friday)


  • Introductory: the possibilities of using diagnostic ultrasound, indications and methods of applying sonography
  • Ultrasonography of the liver, spleen
  • Ultrasonography of the kidneys, bladder, prostate
  • Ultrasound of reproductive apparatus of females, echography of pregnancy and fetus
  • Ultrasound of abdominal neoplasms
  • Ultrasound of the reproductive apparatus of males, (prostate gland, testis)
  • Гайд по «узи заключению», (ошибки в интерпретации)
  • Ultrasound in oncology, (possibilities, applied methods, results)
  • Ultrasound conclusion (how to correctly describe the echographic image)

On the master class is recruited a group of up to 12 people.

Start at 10: 00

For each day, up to 7-8 hours of classes are allocated. Every day provides theoretical and practical lessons. The entire course is designed to teach veterinarians the rules and methods for performing ultrasound diagnostics from basic principles to more complex studies.

The main criterion for the ultrasound course is not only the acquisition of knowledge on the detailed study of the organs and structures of the body, but also the study of the features of such studies, especially in practice !!!

In practical exercises, detailed training will be conducted on individual organs, organ systems and anatomical departments of the animal's body. Participants of the master class will master and consolidate the knowledge gained in theoretical studies. In the break there is a complex lunch and several breaks for coffee breaks. At the end of the master class, the participants are issued with a personal certificate

The master class conducts
СТОИЛОВ ПЕТР ГЕОРГИЕВИЧ - Ph.D. in veterinary sciences, Chief Physician of the Multiprofile Veterinary Clinic "Perspective-vet, a doctor of ultrasound diagnostics.

Cost 22000 rubles

the maximum number of participants in training courses 14 people in a group

Remaining places:

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How to take part in a master class?

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Visit the workshop. Come ahead, the doors open in 9: 00. Start in 10: 00.
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Obtain a registered certificate of the participant.



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