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Association of Veterinary Clinics (AVK)
Veterinary conference and master classes for professionals

Veterinary clinics Association (VKA) successfully carries out educational activities for the training of specialists in the field of veterinary medicine. Visiting our conferences and workshops, you can be sure that the event will be organized in a professional manner. How is this achieved?

1. Our lecturers - are leading specialists possess expert opinion in different areas of veterinary medicine. The conferences and workshops will be your guides, both Russian and foreign experts of the largest veterinary schools in Europe, England and America. In addition, we are constantly expanding the list of speakers.

2. All the events are dedicated to the most serious and urgent issues of veterinary medicine, but, most importantly, they all have a practical orientation. Thus, during the workshops, you will not only learn about the latest scientific developments in the field of veterinary medicine, but also be able to immediately work out their knowledge into practice, for example, by analysis of clinical cases, the interpretation of ultrasound or X-ray imaging, mining operating techniques on cadavers. Thus, the knowledge you can immediately put into practice.

3. Conferences and workshops are held in the professionally trained and fully equipped areas. Conference held in the modern rooms, which are easily accessible: they are all located within walking distance of the subway. Master classes - in a lecture hall at the Center of Veterinary Diagnostics and reproductions equipped with all necessary equipment. For your comfort during the breaks we organize coffee breaks and lunches.

4. At the end of the conference or workshop, each participant receives a certificate or a certificate of professional development.

Hurry to register for the next event! Seats are limited.

Veterinary conference held in the newest and modern conference rooms:

  • hotel "Saint-Petersburg" St. Petersburg, Pirogovskaya embankment 5 \ 2
  • hotel "Russia", St. Petersburg, pl. Chernyshevsky house 11A. (10 minutes from Pulkovo Airport, 20 minutes from Moscow, Vitebsk, Ladoga station (subway), 5 minutes walk from the metro station "Victory Park";
  • Hotel "Holiday Inn", St. Petersburg, Moscow Avenue. 97A, metro "Moskovskie Vorota".

Courses and workshops for veterinarians pass on a fully professionally equipped and prepared sites.

+ 7 (921) 412-0440

+ 7 (911) 212-8923

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